As president of the Panellinios Gymnastics Association (RAC) I welcome the organization of the shooting camp "10K shots" that will take place on August 1-3 at the facilities of our club, in collaboration with the head coach of the RAC academies, Margarita Malama, and the recognized her experienced team, OZAN Sirikci - coach in the back to back champion of EuroLeague Anadolu Efes, Antonis Moraitis - coach in the infrastructure of KAO Melission and Thanasis Molyvdas - associate coach in Aris, in the Men's National and in the Salonica Basketball Camp, in the Panhellenic in A1.

The team will create and organize the first shooting camp in Greece, which will combine the teaching of the correct shooting technique with the special strengthening and practice, as well as its perfection through a special exercise book and exciting competitive games.

The Panellinios Gymnastics Association will be a help in any such effort made in order to teach both its athletes and athletes of all teams the right techniques that will provide them with the appropriate equipment and tools to evolve and become better players. 

I am convinced that this initiative will be a completely successful event and I hope that it will become a station for Greek basketball players, resulting in its annual event.

Meet the coaches



OZAN SİRİKCİ is a recognized strength and fitness coach, an exercise physiologist and a specialist in human physiology, as well as a specialist in maximizing athletic performance. Since 2013, he is the coach of strengthening and preparation of the two-time Euroleague Champion, Anantolou Efes. From 2009-2013, he was the strengthening and preparation coach of the Turkish Men's National Basketball Team and from 2010-2013, he was the strengthening and preparation coach of the Turkish Women's National Basketball Team.

Ozan holds academic degrees in physical education and sports science and in general in human physiology and exercise physiology from Anadolu and Osmangazi Universities respectively, and has participated as a speaker in numerous seminars worldwide.



MARGARITA MALAMA is a recognized and experienced teacher of physical education and sports and basketball coach and former professional basketball player. She is currently in charge of basketball academies at the historic Panellinios Gymnastics Association (RAC).

Margarita holds a degree in basketball coaching from the University of Sports Science and Physical Education, a master's degree in sports organization and management, and a master's degree in maximizing athletic performance. Margarita has extensive experience in coaching, both as a head coach and as an assistant coach in many professional teams and has participated in many basketball camps both in Greece and internationally. She has also participated in many basketball clinics and seminars, both as a speaker and as a participant internationally.

Margarita's gymnastics and coaching philosophy focuses on the athlete, specifically what he needs technically, athletically, and mentally to get to the maximum of his potential. Margarita focuses on the process that helps the athlete realize his strengths and weaknesses, using many measurements and evaluation tests, so that the improvement in the athlete's performance before and after can be clearly seen. "Only when we work consciously and constantly at our limits do, we have cumulative great results."



Antonis Moraitis has been involved in the development of basketball for over a decade, having worked in leading clubs such as GS Peristeriou, KAO Melission (women's divisions), DOUKA schools, etc. He has been the program manager and coordinator of the "Sports Paths" of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation and as a coach in the camps of GIANNAKIS academy, in the West Side Basketball Camp but also in the summer camps of GS Peristeri, AO Agioi Anargyroi and KAO Melission. As a player he has many teams and individual distinctions at local and national level but also at the level of international tournaments with the Deree college jersey. In recent years, he has been playing with AOK Chalandri in the championship of the 3rd national division.



He was a member of the Salonica Basketball Camp as a coach since 1998 and has served as program manager and operator of the most historic basketball camp in Greece. At the same time he has worked as a coach at Mike Kress Basketball Camp in Austria in 2008, 2010 & 2014 and as a coach at HEPHESTOS LEMNOS Basketball Camp 2021, while finally he has been the coach and camp director of Vlad Moldoveanu B.A. Camp in Bucharest 2021. In his coaching career he has been the coach and head of the organization of A.K. STARS of Th. Rodopoulos 2000-08. He was a member of the coaching team of the men's team of the PANELLINIOS Gym Club 2008-10 with participation in the Final Four of the Eurocup, was a member of the coaching team of the men's team of PIERIKOS / ARCHELAOS 2010-12, the men's team of ARIS (for 5 seasons), the men's team of ZALGIRIS KAUNAS 2013-14, the men's team team of AL RIYADI BEIRUT of Lebanon 2017-18, of the men's team of HEPHESTOS LEMNOS 2018-20 and of the men's team of HERACLES 2021-22, while finally he has been a member of the training team of the NATIONAL MEN'S TEAM for 5 years.